ECO Sinkers and CatCare® have joined forces! We dare to say that after many long-term tests, we have come up with improvements that will fundamentally change catfish fishing.



Big catfish are already smart and cautious, offer them something that hasn’t been on the market yet and works reliably! Last year’s tests in Spain showed more shots than normal loads. Even the smallest detail of your installation can have a big impact on its success. The load has a rigid tube guided through its center, which has an inner diameter of 2 mm, and therefore you can easily thread the leader line of even the largest diameters. It is a matter of course to thread a fluorocarbon leader and you don’t have to worry about any damage.

  • the continuous reinforced concrete weight CatCare® is based on a proven shape for catfish fishing with a ripper or a lure
  • optimal weight distribution and the correct location of the center of gravity allow an even descent in the water column without unwanted rotation and entanglement of the rig, even when descending at great depths
  • the absorbency of the material makes it possible to boost or dip the load itself, thus delivering a more attractive aroma to the feeding place
  • all loads are certified and made of a special 7-component reinforced concrete mixture, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and meets modern environmental regulations
  • in contact with water, they are not harmful to humans, animals, other animals and organisms.
Features of ECO Sinkers
Universal Swivel
Magnetic Solution
Weight Volume
Center of Gravity Balance