Magnet M-9 W/ Rope

The 60mm super strong neodymium magnet is developed especially for treasure hunters – fans of magnet fishing.



The magnet for fishing from the water is nickel-plated for greater durability, it has a hanging eye for tying the rope, which is part of this package. The rope is 15 m long with a load capacity of 350 kg.

Instructions for magnet fishing:
1) Tie a rope to the magnet eye, we recommend a fixed type of knot.
2) Immerse the magnet in a pond, river, resp. to your fable, where the loads fell off and vice versa.
3) When ferromagnetic metals, such as eco sinkers of various sizes, appear nearby, they snap in immediately.
4) After hunting, remove the collected loads from the magnet, clean the magnet thoroughly and dry it.

CAUTION: Strong neodymium magnets do not belong in the hands of children, they have a high magnetic force, there is a risk of damage to the fingers and other injuries if used incorrectly.