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About Us

ECO Sinkers

ECO D&M replace classic carp leads with non-toxic sinkers to protect our waters and the organism in it.


The Idea of ECO Sinkers

The company ECO D&M Ltd. started to deal with the perception of the “toxic leads problems” in 2015. The preparation of the mixture and the overall design shaped the long term progress and development all the way to the final product line. The primary goal was to come up with a product that would be affordable for all anglers. The secondary goal was to shift the idea of environmental activity and replacement of classic lead to concrete sinkers produced from 100% recyclable materials. In the final stage, a special design has been made that meets the requirements of even the most demanding angler on different water types and multiple tests of all types of product line ECO sinkers.


The Vision of ECO Sinkers

We work hard to make our products effective, productive, sustainable and practical for daily angling life. The products have got its final shape and Eco Sinkers journey has begun. Walk by our side as we walk by yours, sharing beautiful feelings and emotions as passionate anglers together. Customer service, availability and product quality was, is and will be our goal, as well as fast and safe delivery. Do not forget that “be organic” is not all about the purchase of “organic products”. It is a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle on our planet.