ECO SINKERS Buoy weight

The company ECO D&M s.r.o., specializing in the production of certified, ecological, iron-concrete weights for sport and recreational fishing.



All ECO Sinkers loads are certified and made of a special 7-component reinforced concrete mixture, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and meets modern environmental regulations.
When in contact with water, they are not harmful to humans, animals, other animals and organisms.

The weight of the buoy weight can be adjusted according to requirements (from 1.5kg to 6kg).

ECO Sinkers weights are designed so that after soaking in water, dip, booster or other liquid, they do not exceed their weight according to the marking on the weight.
– the dry state of the load is +-5g from the marking

Volumetric properties
ECO Sinkers reinforced concrete ballasts have a higher mass volume per cm3 than other competitive alternatives to classic lead ballasts, so they are smaller and well suited for use in a variety of conditions.

Features of ECO Sinkers
Universal Swivel
Magnetic Solution
Weight Volume
Center of Gravity Balance