ECO SINKERS Safety Dropp Swivels

The suspended iron-concrete load DROPP is based on a proven shape for reliable retention on the rugged relief of the bottom, on the edges or in a strong current. It is the most versatile type for throwing, but it is also suitable for taking out.



The company ECO D&M s.r.o., specializing in the production of certified, ecological, iron-concrete weights for sport and recreational fishing, presents a new product from the Eco Line line, the Eco Sinkers Safety DROPP type.
Already from the name Safety DROPP, we can use this type for the Dropp-off system, for which the notch on the back of this type of concrete is used. The Dropp-off system is used, for example, when fishing in obstacles or overgrown waters, for safe capture of the catch.

  • The most versatile type for rivers or lakes
  • Weight deviation – dry state of the product +-5g
  • DROPP has an excellently positioned center of gravity and therefore this type can very effectively transfer the entire weight of the concrete to the tip of the hook during engagement and thus ensure its deeper and more effective penetration
  • The absorbency of the material makes it possible to boost or dip the load itself and thus deliver more attractive aroma to the feeding place. Porosity and a rougher surface, in turn, enable excellent adhesion when wrapping the load with wrapping paste, its reliable retention on the load even during power throwing. Both methods significantly increase the attractiveness of your fishing spot.
  • The flat and oval shape allows for better weight distribution, reducing the load sinking into mud and soft bottom. At the same time, the optimal distribution of weight and the correct location of the center of gravity enable a uniform descent in the water column without unwanted rotation and entanglement of the rig, even when descending at great depths.
  • All ECO Sinkers loads are certified and made of a special 7-component reinforced concrete mixture, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and meets modern environmental regulations.
    When in contact with water, they are not harmful to humans, animals, other animals and organisms.
Features of ECO Sinkers
Universal Swivel
Magnetic Solution
Weight Volume
Center of Gravity Balance